JSC AQUIX is an officially registered joint-stock company subject to European legislation.

The company went throw 15 years of research, in which more than $3,000,000 were invested, and a year of public work. Has its own scientific developments, patents and positive test reports.

AQUIX develops its own products: both industrial, for factories and plants, and domestic, for home and office use, based on two promising technologies - of water vapor cavitation and  IZON flow .
In a multicomponent gas mixture, twisted into a tornado, separation of the components according to the molar mass occurs: the heavier molecules are pressed to the periphery of the tornado, and the light ones are collected in the middle. In this case, solid particles, dust and aerosols also collect in the middle of the tornado.

The IZON stream is closed on itself and has a self-sustaining function. IZON equipment creates an “artificial tornado” and controls its speed, which leads to a redistribution of pressure and temperature in the swirling flow.

1.1. - Inlet gas stream.
1.2. - High speed swirl.
1.3. - Confuser, reactor working area.
1.4. - Electromagnetic coils.
1.5. - Outgoing gas stream.
1.6. - The accumulator of waste and finished raw materials.
Useful application of IZON technology
Separation of smoke emissions by components for recycling.

The technology is similar to separate collection of garbage in relation to smoke from factory chimneys: the smoke is separated into its constituent gases and dust particles without residue. Each component is used as a recyclable material. Thus, for example, a CHPP from its own smoke can produce engine oil and not spoil the air.

Air purification in megacities.

Smog clouds hang over large cities, and the air is filled with factory smoke, exhaust fumes and road dust. IZON-installations will clean the air in cities. The benefit is obvious: in terms of investment and plant productivity, they are ahead of other cleaning technologies and allow you to earn money by producing recyclables from city dust.

Getting fresh water from the air.

The problem of fresh water is relevant for the Arab countries, Israel, Africa. Desalination of sea water is expensive. Moreover, even in the Sahara desert, air humidity is 30-50%. So, IZON-technology is able to separate water from the air. And you can use solar energy to power IZON installations.

Vortex combustion.

A tornado in a coal furnace increases the path of a fuel particle due to spiral motion. This allows the fuel to burn out as completely as possible, thereby increasing the combustion efficiency, which means reducing the dimensions of the furnace and fuel consumption.

Synthetic oil production from garbage and smoke from a thermal power plant.

Almost everything that burns and smokes. The production of synthetic petroleum products is constrained by the low price of natural oil and the high cost of synthesis units. The use of the IZON effect reduces the cost of the units so much that each thermal power station and waste incineration plant can produce oil as a result of processing its own smoke.

Unlike other known methods of industrial oil synthesis with tornado, in IZON-technology the efficiency (completeness-speed-continuity) of the reaction is increased by 2-4 times due to an increase in the number of contacts of the reagent and oxidizer particles with a simultaneous increase in pressure and temperature of the reactants. This allows you to significantly save money when refusing compressor stations and removes the rigorous design requirements for units. All this makes the production of synthetic oil and its products cheaper.
Flue gas purifier and processor

Air condenser
Synthesizer of petroleum products
from garbage and smoke
Izonator Enterprise

Product preparation time: ~ 5 minutes.
The volume of the finished product: from 150 to 200 ml.
Energy value: 100 grams / from 400 to 1200 Kcal (depending on the additives placed in the dispenser, as well as under synthesis conditions under which it is possible to obtain high values)
Works from the mains, consumes ~ 2 kW⋅h.
Control via the touch panel or application on the phone.
Project status:

A pre-production sample and additives are being tested. The device will be available for pre-order from Q4 2020.
Cleans the premises of 100 sq.m. in 30 minutes.
Heats or cools, dries or moisturizes.
Ionizes the air with positive ions.
It works from the mains, consumes ~ 2.5 kW⋅h.
The device is controlled using the touch panel or application on the phone.
Project status:

The working documentation is ready, and the prototype is being prepared for assembling. The device will be available for pre-order from Q2 2021.
Izonator Air
Izonator Air is based on the use of the IZON flow effect. Izonator Air cleans the air from microparticles: aerosols, fumes, bacteria, plant spores, tobacco smoke. The composition of the air becomes similar to the air off the sea coast.
Izonator Enterprise prepares a drink that is a real natural energy drink. Such a product is nutrition for cells, which is easily absorbed by the body. After drinking the drink, drowsiness and fatigue disappear, and when the ingredients are added, a nutritious and completely digestible broth or compote is obtained. The drink retains its properties for only a couple of days.
4 ways to make money with AQUIX:
Receive dividends

AQUIX is the joint-stock company and pay annual dividends to stakeholders from the company's income for the year.

Build a portfolio

AQUIX stocks are liquid and regularly increase in price. AQUIX stocks are traded on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Sell equipment

After the release of the first series of our household equipment, each partner will be able to sell it and receive a percentage of sales.

You can sell industrial equipment now. We reward the company’s shares for getting to know the responsible persons of potential customers, and if the result of this acquaintance is a deal, we reward them with money for the second time. For example, if you introduce us to the director of a plant interested in introducing AQUIX equipment, you will receive a percentage of the sale of equipment. If we conclude a contract with the plant, you also get a percentage of the transaction.

Build your affiliate network

By joining AQUIX as an investor and / or distributor of equipment, you can attract other people to join AQUIX and receive a percentage of their equipment sales and up to 36% discount on purchasing AQUIX stocks. The more investors you attract and the larger the size of your investment portfolio, the greater the discount on the company's stocks and its products you have.
To start investing, register on the site and enter your personal account.
4 ways to make money with AQUIX